The NBPLA is only as strong as the value we bring to our members. We strive to provide lobbyists, elected officials, legislative staff and other government affairs professionals with unique opportunities to promote themselves and their companies, as well as cultivate their skill sets and expand their networks. We also encourage our membership to both mentor and be mentored through the NBPLA, because we know the only way to strengthen diversity within the government affairs arena is to create a lush environment for personal and professional growth.

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There is a false narrative that diversity initiatives fail due to a lack of skills and talent among underrepresented groups. The NBPLA is committed to debunking this myth by educating government affairs leaders and the companies they work for about the importance of fostering corporate cultures and hiring processes that value diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. To that end, the NBPLA has prioritized providing networking opportunities and professional development programming to enrich the experience of each NBPLA member.

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